Little Lakes Valley In John Muir Wilderness

June 2015


Area: John Muir Wilderness in Eastern Sierras, California (Near Mammoth Lakes)

Directions: Drive 14.5 miles south from Mammoth Lakes to Tom’s Place, Turn South-West to Rock Creek Road, drive 10.5 miles to the end of the road to the Mosquito Flat Trail-head.

Trail-Head: Mosquito Flat Trail-head

Elevation at the Trail-Head: 10,300 ft

Trail: Morgan Pass Trail

Also photographed:

  • Horseshoe Lake, McLeod Lake (Near the town of Mammoth Lakes) and
  • Mono Lake (760,000 old salt-water lake. High level of salts is accumulated due to lack of outlet)

A short hike from the Mosquito Flat Trail-Head takes you to the breathtaking beauty of the basin called Little Lakes Valley. The valley is packed with pristine trail-side lakes surrounded by granite peaks of high thirteeners. These High Altitude Alpine Lakes offers most beautiful scenery high sierras has to offer- with minimal efforts. Some of the lakes we encountered were Mack, Marsh, Heart, Hidden Lakes and Long Lake. With awestruck beauty of this valley, I wouldn’t hesitate to call this a `Mountain Lover’s Paradise’.


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