Yellowstone- One of the most diverse terrains in the world!

Yellowstone, if described briefly is a land of rainbow-colored hot springs, erupting geysers, mysterious mud pots, deep canyons, lush forests, gushing waterfalls and diverse wildlife!

Coming from the land of Yosemite, I didn’t think any other national park would become my `favorite’ until I stepped into Yellowstone. My perception changed very quickly during my first day in this beautiful piece of land. National parks of Utah- specially Bryce and Zion have been on top of my favorite’s list but it only took less than half day for Yellowstone to take one of top spots!

We were lucky to be able to spend three days in the park. We spent a day exploring geysers and awe-inspiring colorful geothermal pools. Another day was spent hiking in the `Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone’. Day hiking to the top of Mount Washburn was highlight of our day 3.

Viewing variety of wildflowers and opportunities to get close encounters with Yellowstone’s wildlife was something we will always remember.

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