Camino de Santiago Portuguese Coastal Route – Day 1


Arrival in Vigo

Accomodation:: Hotel Maroa, Vigo

Yesterday we transferred to the starting point of our 100 kilometers journey!

We were transferred to the coastal town of Vigo via private bus from Porto. We arrived at Vigo in the afternoon and checked in at a beautiful Hotel Moroa.

Nest we were headed to check out to town and get some late lunch. Non-vegetarians in our group enjoyed fresh oysters. We then picked up our pilgrim passports from the town. After dinner at the hotel, we went to bed early to get an earlier head start with our Day 1 of the Camino walk.

Today, on 9/26 marked the start of our 100-kilometer journey along the Camino de Santiago Portuguese Coastal Route. We woke up early in Vigo, eager to begin our adventure and take in the stunning scenery along the way.

Our first day of walking took us 23 kilometers from Vigo to Arcade. It was a shorter day, which allowed us to make the most of our time on the coast. We were treated to breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and had the opportunity to walk through many fishing villages and end our journey in the charming village of Arcade.

One of the highlights of our day was trying the famous oysters in Arcade. This small village is known for its delicious seafood, and we were not disappointed. The oysters were fresh and delicious, and our group savored every bite.

The group was very excited about how they did with the first walking day and we all got more confident and energized for the rest of the walk.

As we continue our journey along the Camino de Santiago Portuguese Coastal Route, we are looking forward to exploring more of this beautiful region and discovering what it has to offer. We are eager to see what the next few days will bring, and we know that each day will bring new adventures and memories that we will cherish for a lifetime.

So stay tuned for more updates from our journey along the Camino de Santiago Portuguese Coastal Route!

Overnight: Hotel Duarte Arcade

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