Canopy Zip lining, Costa Rica


Today’s excursion was supposed to be adventurous one. I have zip lined before but not at this height, speed and length.

We went back to the Arenal Volcano area and the rainforests, but this time to get a totally different perspective – from the sky – of the rain forests.

We were taken up to the tree tops in a slow moving gondola, where we could see wildlife – monkeys and sloth hanging out on the trees right next to us.

Once we reached to the top to the viewing terrace, we had a chance to chill for a bit and admire the views.

Then comes the exciting part. We were fitted with helmets, harness and the gloves, we were ready for the ultimate adventure.

Zip lining down via 8 individual cables ranging from 600 ft. to 2500 ft. was definitely thrill of a lifetime! The first one was hard and scary but once you get through the initial fear, the rest were fun. It was hard to believe that both, Hetal and I, along with Dharmesh and Sandip zipped through the tall trees of the Arenal rainforests. The views from the top were stunning, we were able to see the panoramic views of the lake as well!

and oh, the baby Python!!

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