Yosemite: Four Mile Trail to Glacier Point


This place, the land is more ancient and pure; it’s like a concentrated tonic for the soul. If you take too much it can infect you, and if you don’t take enough you have missed it completely and your efforts were in vain.
-Danielle Rohr, Denali Skies

Four-mile trail to the top of Glacier Point remains one of the top family favorite hikes in the park. Returning via panoramic trail making it a full loop to cover the entire valley is much more picturesque, it is a lot longer, we decided to climb down the same route this time because we had started late and had a long drive home at night.

This trail is steep, strenuous and much longer than four miles, but it sure is a timeless classic and it never disappoints.

What I like about this hike:

Constant views of El Capitan, Cathedral Rocks, and Yosemite Falls.

Sneak Peak of Half Dome at Union Point.

Views of Tanaya Canyon and Half Dome from the top. Aerial Views of the Yosemite Valley from the top.

What I don’t like: Road to the glacier point offering drive-up option and shuttle service makes it really crowded at the top. I have done this hike later in the fall after the road closes which is definitely a better option.

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