Yosemite: Ten Lakes Trail

July 6th, 2019

This is a hidden gem, spectacular high country trek in Sierra Nevada’s wild-side, mostly reserved for backpackers, but it makes a perfect off the beaten path Yosemite day hike.
We decided to venture out of the crowded Yosemite Valley towards the Tuolumne area, and this turned out to be a beautiful day-hike.
~ 14 miles out and back trail started at beautiful Tioga Road at 7400 ft, it passed through forests and wildflower meadows with gradual uphill slope, but soon started gaining a quick 2400 ft of elevation passing the treetops to reach high ten lakes pass with the stunning views of the sub-alpine basin with a cluster of glacial lakes!
The final stop was a lunch break after descending 1000 ft to reach one of the ten lakes.

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