Alamere Falls, San Francisco’s Best!

Alamere Falls: 8.5 miles moderate out and back hike via coast trail starting at Palomarin trailhead in Point Reyes National Seashore.

Impromptu day hike to Alamere Falls turned out to be a fun date day-trip for hubby and me. I am not even entirely sure how this A-list hike was left out all these years, but Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend was when all the stars aligned for us to finally make it here.

We were warned to get to the trailhead early to increase our chances of finding a parking closer to the trailhead. We got to the trailhead at 10.15 am and found parking in the main parking lot. Parking lot was entirely full and many cars were parked far outside when we left around 3.30pm.


According to the (13 miles) and the actual trail sign at the Palomarin trailhead (14 miles), this actually is a long round trip via Wildcat Camp, which is recommended and probably a safer route (we didn’t hike this route so I am unsure). There is an unofficial arrow on the trail made of rocks points you to the shortcut to the waterfalls. It is 8 miles loop if you follow this shortcut like we did.


The entire trail is very pleasant, mostly flat- with a few gentle slopes, passes along the shore, escapes into the forest at times, well maintained and beautiful. My favorite part was hiking through the eucalyptus grove consisting of towering trees filling the air with the earthy soothing aroma of this essential oil.


The trail takes you to the top of the waterfall. Access to the bottom of the waterfalls and the beach is on the right side of the falls through unstable but manageable cliffs. We spent five hours total during this hike, with walking at moderate speed and spending little over an hour at the waterfalls.


Waterfall, sun, shade, coast, ocean, forest, cliffs, you name it, this hike has it all!

All in all, beautiful trail to Alamere Falls is full of stunning coastal views of Point Reyes National Seashore leading to dramatic 50ft waterfalls pouring into the rugged waves of Pacific Ocean, this sure is a hike not to miss!

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