Chicago’s Lakefront Trail

No, I am not a runner, I, however, enjoy running outside as long as it’s less than five miles. I run almost daily outside for cardio. Saying that I have always admired beautiful running trails. I try to look for a good outdoor path for my daily workout whenever I visit a new city.  Chicago is not new to me. I had been familiar with the lakefront trail but never had a chance to go run it.

We decided to stay at the W Hotel at our recent visit which offered magnificent views of the lake and the Navy Pier. We enjoyed quite evening in our room watching a sunset before heading out for dinner. We saw tourists walking, running and biking on the lakefront trail right across from the hotel, and while watching them, all of a sudden I knew where I would be spending my early morning day after.

We crossed the street to get on the trail in the morning, Trail is surprisingly wide, with enough room for runners, walkers, and bicyclists. It was not as crowded when we went since it was a weekday. But I could imagine how crowded this could get in summer months, especially on the weekends. We ran about five miles of the trail starting near the Navy Pier. I loved the fact that the trail runs right around the lake and passes most major attractions of the city offering the most amazing views of one of the best downtowns of the world!

I am not claiming that I have run many trails in many cities but this one is hands down one of the best urban running trails I have been on! This should be on your list if you are a runner.


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