Camino de Santiago Portuguese Coastal Route, Day 4

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Walk: Caldas de Reis to Padron

Distance: 18 km

After a restful night in Caldas de Reis, we were ready for another day of walking on the Camino trail. Today’s journey was 18 kilometers, taking us from the spa town of Caldas de Reis to Padron.

Goodbye Caldas de Reis

It was supposed to be raining all day today, we kept our rain gears out and started walking. It started raining within the first hour of our walk.

The trail started with a crossing of the river Umia, passing by the hot springs that have given the town its name since Roman times. The path then took us through forests, which was my favorite part of the day. We took a gradual climb to the village of Santa Mariña. We fond a beautiful cafe up the hill to take a lunch break at. The descent was steep but rewarding, as we crossed the river Fontenlo and made our way through more pine forests.

Finally, we reached our destination for the day: the town of Padron. This town holds a special significance in the Camino de Santiago as it is believed to be the arrival point of the body of Saint James when it was brought to Santiago de Compostela by ship. We were exhausted after today’s walk but proud of our progress on the Camino trail.

Our accommodation today was just fantastic, the hotel Monumento Pazo de Lestrove by Pausadas de Compostela was outside the town but it was stunningly beautiful property with amazing gardens and food! It sure was worth extra 10 minutes walk.

Stay tuned for our next update as we continue our journey on the Camino de Santiago Portuguese Costal Route!


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