Rainbow Falls and Basalt Columns, Mammoth Lakes


~ 5 miles easy trail with 500ft elevation gain

Our summer trip to Mammoth Lakes started with this easy hike.

After checking in to mammoth Mountain Ski resort after a long 6 hour drive, we still had a plenty of day-light left.

We decided to take this short evening hike. I really wanted to check out the basalt columns known as Devils Postpile, which was an easy half a mile walk from the rangers station.

This monument is formed from a cliff of cooled lava that created into unusually symmetrical hexagonal columns some 100,000 years ago. These unique 60-foot formations are some of the finest examples of columnar basalt in the world. I had seen similar columns in Iceland but I didn’t realize that I have this gem right here in my backyard!!

Basalt Columns of Devils Postpile, Ca

These were amazing, the rainbow falls was a bonus for me. Another 2 miles hike to rainbow falls was beautiful. We made it here by the sunset and didn’t get to see the colors of the rainbow, but the waterfall was stunning regardless!

I would highly recommend this short hike to everyone who’s in the mammoth area.

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