The views from the lighthouse, Los Cabos

The Los Cabos in the middle of the pandemic was interesting. The thrill to get out of country after a year ad half of lockdown was thrilling. We made this decision after we received out Pfizer COVID vaccine. This was not our first time here but it felt different for sure due to the mask mandate.

Anuj, Dharmesh and I flew down to Cabo for a quick spring break visit. This probably was Anuj’s first resort vacation since he started remembering, because it sounded like he didn’t remember Hawaii and cruise vacations we took when the kids were younger. He’s 17 now and he definitely was confused on what to do besides eating.

We stayed at the Grand Fiesta Americana Golf and Spa, which was pretty good experience. The services, facility, the grounds, restaurants was great. Ocean was accessible and we had amazing views from our balcony.

We were planning to stay within the resort for the COVID safety. We kept on looking at this lighthouse south from us everyday and kept on wondering how the views would be if climbed the hill.

There were no mountains to climb or dense forests to explore, sitting by the pool and the beach got old within the first day. We took off one of the mornings and started walking the shore heading towards the lighthouse. After walking for a little over two miles, we finally reached there. We found a trail to walk up, and before we knew it, we climbed to the top. The views were definitely worth it!

Oh, our dinner night out at Acre restaurant was just amazing. This sustainable, creative global farm to table cuisine lived up to the hype. 25-acre farm resort was filled bungalows and tree houses within palm forest. There were peacocks walking around on the property. Food, drinks and wine were delicious!

We also spent a day visiting the famous El Arco and snorkeling at Playa Chileno in an insane party boat. This is obligatory thing to do while you are in Cabo and definitely worth it. We skipped the city and the bar scene at this visit due to COVID safety.

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