Lands End Trail, San Francisco

It is safe to say that the Lands End trail is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in San Francisco. Locals love this trail for running and walking and tourists love it for the views of the Golden Gate Bridge from various angles.

Newly renovated large parking lot and informative visitors center with clean restrooms and a welcoming cafe to grab a cup of coffee starts off your day. You owe yourself a walk down to the historic Sutro Baths when you visit this area.

Picturesque Sutro Baths
Sutro Baths

If you have another hour or two to spare, start walking up to the easy 3 miles out and back coastal trail leading to the Eagle’s point. Towering monterey pines, eucalyptus and cypress trees bring plenty of shade to the trail. Another short trail drops downhill to the rocky beach – on the left, half-way to the eagle’s point. This is my favorite side trip on this trail. It offers fantastic views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the rugged Pacific ocean.

Labyrinth at the Lands End
coastal views
IMG_2168 (2)
The golden bridge!
rugged pacific ocean

This is our favorite local hike to take visitors to. The bonus is a fantastic post-hike lunch in this foodie city!

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