McArthur–Burney Falls, Absolutely Picturesque

We were so excited to finally be able to get this bucket-list destination checked off. Labor day weekend road trip to this gem was well worth the drive. Little off the beaten path, this waterfall is amazingly beautiful! It is more of a walk than a hike to reach here from the parking lot. If you plan carefully, you can spend an entire day here taking a splash in the cold water (well it was frigid, but felt heavenly in a hot summer day), eat your picnic lunch under the shades, take a stroll under the pine forest and even take a nap listening to the serene sounds of the waterfall. If you are in a mood for hiking, you can even walk along the pacific crest trail.

The best part is that this waterfall is fed by an underground stream, so it never gets dry, now that is a big deal for drought-prone state of California.

Our friend who loves photography was as happy as a kid in a candy store. This place is a dream spot for photographers, if you are into nature photography, you definitely owe yourself a visit to the McArthur Burney falls!

_MG_8164 (2)_MG_8239 (2)

IMG_5092 (2)


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