Lassen Volcanic National Park

Geothermal pools, steaming sulfur vents, boiling mud pots, pristine lakes, lush forests, tall peaks and wildflower meadows – Lassen has it all!

A miniature version of the Yellowstone, Lassen in my opinion is one of the most under-rated National Parks in the United States.

The park’s signature volcano, which was last erupted in 1914, stands looking majestic with the backdrop of the blue sky. Lassen peak

Sulphur Works is the geothermal spot located across the main road and is easily accessible from the parking lot. Sulfur workssulfur works, lassen

Bumpass Hell is the spot where the mother earth shows off her power and proves that she is alive! Short and easy 1.5 mile (one way) hike to this point is well worth the walk. Bumpass HellIMG_1340Bumpass Hell, LassenBumpass Hell, LassenBumpass Hell, Lassen

 Number of pristine lakes along the way makes the drive beautiful, my favorite of all was Emerald Lake and you can see why. Emerald Lake, Lassen

Lastly, goofing around the lush forests and wildflower meadows adds the fun to the trip!




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