Trail to the top of the sixth tallest waterfall of the world

Mother’s Day was spent doing what I absolutely love to do, hiking with family! Impromptu day trip to Yosemite turned out to be one of the best Yosemite trips. Hiking to top of the upper Yosemite fall somehow was still pending after all these trips to the national park. We decided to make it possible this time around since we didn’t have any other planned agenda for the day.

Over 3000 ft elevation gain in 3 miles was no joke. This 6 miles round trip does take good 6 hours to finish even if you walk at good pace. Never ending switchbacks were made worth by gorgeous views of the valley and the breathtaking waterfall along the way. Valley was luscious green from recent generous rainfall and part of the trail was misty from tons of water from the upper fall.

It was real nice to finally get this bucket-list hike of the Yosemite checked off. Unplugged family time on Mother’s day was the best gift ever!

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