Snow Capped Mount Diablo, rare views!


Mount Diablo is located in Danville- in East Bay of California. I have been witnessing dusting of snow on Mount Diablo at least once in most winters. Yesterday’s weather however was most unusual I have ever seen. It rained (and snowed on higher peaks) all night on Saturday followed by multiple storms of hail and rain on lower grounds and snowstorms on Mount Diablo all day on Sunday. We kept looking at snow-capped mountain from our balcony while enjoying hail-storms all morning, it was so breathtaking that we finally decided to take a drive up to the mountain to play in the snow.

It was not just us, it seemed like many of the Bay Area residents had same idea. Park gate was backed up with about 45-50 minutes wait to get in. Ranger at the gate warned us that the park was closed at about 2/3rds of the way up and we would need to park and hike up to the snow if we wanted to go further. We decided to take a chance and did not regret! We parked the car at the last possible parking lot, and hiked up for a few  miles-  to the snow. It was chilly and windy, but it sure was fun walk. There was enough snow to be able to build small snowman and also to play snowball fight. So glad we came out.

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