Havasu Falls- a true Oasis!

Hike to a rare oasis in the middle of the Grand Canyons: Havasu Falls

Let me start out by saying how I actually feel about this hike- it is `do it before you die’ kinda hike!

iPhone photos and GoPro footage I have posted here do not do justice to this place. You actually have to go there and witness the blue-green waterfalls of Havasupai.

This beautiful place exist in the middle of the dry grand canyons and it is a part of Havasupai American Indian Reservation. You have to obtain a permit to hike to this place, but once you finish all formalities of getting permit and making a reservations to stay either at campground or at the lodge in Supai village, you are all set!

We decided to make it a girls trip, We flew to Las Vegas a night before and drove early in the morning to the trail-head (Havasupai Hilltop) – There is a parking lot to park where you can leave your car for a few days.

First part is about 10 miles hike to the village of Supai, where we reached in the afternoon. Hike is pretty flat after initial drop to the floor of the canyons via switchbacks. There is a cafe, a grocery store and a lodge available for you. We had our reservations at the lodge for that night’s stay. We grabbed some food for dinner at the cafe and bought a few snack items for next day’s hike to the waterfalls. Room at the lodge had basic clean amenities along with hot showers.

After checking in, we took about a mile walk to the first waterfall – New Navajo Falls, to catch glimpses of our next day’s hike. This is when we realized that the bluish green water you see in all the photos is all real- and it is spectacular!

We woke up early next day feeling all excited for our big day! Today is when we would hike another 13 miles (RT) to the piece of paradise!

We began early in the morning, passed Navajo falls and reached to Havasu Falls just in time for breakfast! We went there in February, so there weren’t many people there. We had a waterfall to ourselves. We took our time there to soak in the beauty of this magical place. Havasu Falls is very unique and picturesque place- this turquoise colored waterfall is lined by green trees and fiery red canyon walls, all of these bold and contrasting colors of nature enhance to beauty of this place. 

Our next destination was Mooney Falls. This was another spectacular waterfall, but to get down to the Mooney Falls, we must pass through an `obstacle course’ made off of a series of caves, almost vertical steps, wet and slippery cliffs, chains and leaders. This was a real `test’ of our fears of heights- actually fears of slipping and falling and everything else. We hesitated for a few minutes, but we didn’t have a choice to go down if we wanted to continue next part of our hike to the Beaver Falls. It was an extremely uncomfortable and scary affair, but was totally worth it! (watch the video)

Next part of the hike involved water-wading and crossing streams. This was the way to the Beaver Falls. We made it to the Beaver Falls in early part of afternoon. Beaver Falls are series of small waterfalls and your last destination on this trail. We took our time there to eat, to take photos and also to play in the water. We headed back later in the day on the same route to the Supai for our night’s stay and hiked back out of the canyons the day after.

Last night of course was spent in Vegas to celebrate our success!

I have decided to bring my husband and children here some day- for Havasu- Round 2.

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