Laguna Torre, Argentine Patagonia

Trek to Laguna Torre from Poincenot Campground and back to El Chalten (~12 miles)

Waking up at the campsite to see amazing glow of sunrise over Mt Fitz Roy was the best part of the day! Photos I have attached do not do justice to this scene. I highly recommend staying here just to witness beauty of sunrise.

After breakfast, we left for our hike to Laguna Torre. We passed beautiful lagoons Madre and Hija along the way. Trail┬áthen dropped down to Torre Valley before reaching to beautiful Laguna Torre, it’s glacier and famous Mt Torre which is one of the hardest mountains in the world to climb. Floating icebergs adds to the beauty of Laguna Torre from which river Fitz Roys starts. After having nice lunch at this beautiful spot, we headed back to El Chalten. Hike back to Chalten was beautiful along the Fits Roy river valley and wildflowers that bloomed in there added nice colors to the landscape.


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