Laguna De los Tres, Argentine patagonia

Trek to Laguna De los Tres and camp at Poincenot (~8 miles)

The hike started from El Pilar, which is about 25 minutes drive from the town. After a constant and somewhat steep ascent over Rio Blanco Valley, we reached a viewpoint called Glacier Piedras Blancas,  from where we stopped to soak in views of hanging glaciers. After another two hours of gentle climbing we reached to a steep rocky hill, once we climbed that ridge, we could witness entire different world on the other side..We could see majestic Mount Fitz Roy on the other side of the Laguna De los Tres. Weather was gorgeous, we spent plenty of time at the lagoon, had lunch and admired this gem of Argentine Patagonia!

We climbed the hill down and reached Poincenot campground, which was our home for that night and from where views of Mount Fitz Roy were just as amazing. Our guides had arranged delicious snacks followed by just perfect diner at our campsite.


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