Probiotics for a Healthy Mouth:


Oral probiotics are important, because they are a category that is greatly underutilized, and they deserve attention for the role they can play in maintaining oral health.

Probiotics, in general, work by replacing disease-causing bacteria with beneficial bacteria. Most yogurt, for example, contains digestive probiotics that encourage the growth of bacteria that are beneficial to the intestinal tract. Oral probiotics, however, encourage the growth of bacteria that are beneficial to the mouth, teeth, and gums.

The company Oragenics makes an oral probiotic, called EvoraPro, that was developed after three decades of research at the Harvard-affiliated Forsyth Institute.

EvoraPro is a dissolvable tablet containing three types of naturally occurring, live bacteria. Once a tablet is dissolved, the beneficial bacteria it contains bind to the teeth above and below the gumline, crowding out undesirable bacteria and helping to maintain a healthy, natural balance of beneficial oral bacteria.

The result is the reduction of cavities, gum disease and bad breath, all of which are the result of harmful bacteria. In addition the product releases a continuous, low dose of hydrogen peroxide, which actually kills two birds with one stone:

(1) It is toxic to anaerobic (disease-producing) bacteria; and

(2) It helps whiten teeth naturally.

Your dentist can provide you with professional-strength probiotic products. You may contact Dr. Patel at 510-796-1656, if you would like more information on using oral probiotics yourself.

Editing by Veronica McDavid,

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