Annapurna Circuit, Muktinath

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Day 7:

Visit to Muktinath Temple (13,747 ft) and Helicopter to Pokhara and to Kathmandu

Destination – Hotel Shanker

Early morning walk to visit Muktinath temple was outstanding, it felt serene to walk the countless number of steps to get to the temple.

Muktinath is consider a place for Moksha (Mukti) and and it hold great significance for all spiritual people, it’s a place to cleanse.

We went there at 7am but the main Vishnu temple didn’t open till 8am.

While waiting, we visited beautiful grounds, Muktinath Kshetra where Sr Swaminarayan Bhagwan performed Nishkam Vrat and achieved enlightenment.

We also visited majestic statue of Lord Buddha and Mukti Dhara, where the water from kali Gandaki River flows through 108 water spouts.

It had started raining when we were at the temple and clouds rolled in, which made it hard for our helicopters to arrive. we waited a few more hours till weather got clearer so that we can leave the Muktinath and the high mountains.

A group had departure flights scheduled for the same afternoon, we had them take the first chopper as soon as it arrived.

The second group of five including me were diverted to Pokhra, and we waited there for the first helicopter come back from Kathmandu to come get us.

The weather was not cooperating that entire day which delayed our flights quite a bit. The last group didn’t get to our hotel till 5pm that day.

We took shower and had lovely dinner to celebrate success of our epic journey.

And made another final visit to Kathmandu, meeting up with friends and made final good byes on the next day before we left for the states!

This is the end of another epic Himalayan adventure with the team Extollo Adventures. The team has been consistently raising the bar, they try the best in their ability for the safety and comfort of the travelers. We can’t wait to return!

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