Annapurna Circuit, Ice Lake

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Day 3:

Acclimatization Hike – Manang (11,613 ft) to Ice Lake (15,091 ft) back to Manang (11,613 ft) – 8 hours

As planned last night, 4 people from our group chose to do easier/shorter hike today. they would gain 1000 ft altitude and planned to hike for 2-3 hours and rest up for the rest of the day. They has late start.

The rest of the team, 11 of us started our trek to Ice Lake at 8am. This would be 3.5 k ft. elevation gain on a very steep hike.

We were rewarded with a great views and partially cloudy day which added a lot of drama to the scenery.

The entire hike was very steep, it felt like it was broken into many steep and never ending slopes. Two hours in after climbing the first slope, we could now see Annapurna 2,3,4 and Manaslu Range. The views were incredible today, I am not even going to try to describe, no words nor pictures would do justice to the breathtaking Himalayan Panorama we were witnessing.

The difference I noticed between Annapurna region and Khumbu (Everest) Region was that the valleys were vast here and the peaks were farther, Vs. snowy peaks are more closer and concentrated with deeper but narrower valleys. Both of these panoramas were very different from each other and they both were incomparable and just majestic in their own ways. You just have to visit both to get a feel for it.

We took plenty of small breaks to admire views. After gaining around 2450 ft. of elevation, a few of us decided to stop and enjoy the views we it felt like we were not doing justice to the beauty around us. Four trekkers decided to keep on climbing the last 700 ft. to reach the Ice Lake.

The weather started getting windier and chiller with some flurries at higher elevation. We climbed down a few hundred feet to a better spot where we could get front-row seats to admire the views. We took a short nap there before heading back down to the town.

We got back by 3pm, a few people went to the room to take naps. I hung out at a dining hall sipping some hot tea and chatting with some other groups who were heading up for some peak climbing expeditions.

The day ended with nice dinner, oxygen check and briefing about the next day. Everyone was back with full energy and were ready to move to Yak Kharka!

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