Annapurna Circuit, Lower Pisang, Himalaya


Team: 15 trekkers

Extollo’s Support team: 13, 1 lead guide (Dol), 3 assistant guides, 1 personal porter and 8 porters


Helicopter ride from Kathmandu to Lower Pisang (10,498 ft)

Day hike to Upper Pisang and higher to acclimate

Our group of 15 landed in Kathmandu on April 29th and spent evening sightseeing and packing for the trek.

Our support team of 13 guides and porters already reached to Lower Pisang by road on 29th and they were waiting for us.

3 helicopters took us to Lower Pisang via 50 minutes of breathtaking journey following the river bed between souring Himalayan Peaks.

Lower Pisang
Acclimatization hike to Upper Pisang and above
Lower Pisang

We landed in Lower Pisang at 10.5k elevation and immediately felt thin crisp air. 390 steps took us to mid-Pisang area to our tea house Hotel Utse. We had nice cup of tea and regrouped, some of us went down to Lower Pisang for a walk, and some opted to relax and enjoy the views.

We were headed for an acclimatization hike on the hill over Upper Pisang after lunch. 2 hours of hiking got us a taste of increased altitude. It was a fun hike, we came back and a few of us again headed back down to the town to visit the river bed and stupa.

Fun first day, ended with a great night sleep. Tomorrow will be a long day our lead guide Dol said, so we all went to bed early.

Day 2- >

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