West Circle Trail Loop, Santa Fe NM

Hyde Memorial State Park


2.7 miles, ~1100 ft elevation gain

An escape to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains after the weeklong hectic work meetings was all I needed!

A beautiful state park with not-so-great trail signage. We were able to navigate our way to the west circle with the phone GPS, thanks to ALL Trails maps.

The trail had some seriously steep incline, we could definitely `feel’ the altitude. The park itself is located at ~8700 ft and with the hike we reached close to 10kft.

The views of the town from the top of the ridge was a great reward.

Couldn’t resist to post a few snaps I took during my morning walks in the town of Santa Fe! The pace of the town reminded me of Hawaii, I learned to take it easy during the week I was there.

It’s a beautiful place lined with art galleries, shops and great restaurants to eat and drink! My taste buds were dancing with the joy with all those chili peppers and the spice!

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