The Narrows, Zion NP


We saved the best for last!
This was my third time to the narrows. I loved the top-down, two-day backpacking trip to explore the entire narrows, unfortunately, we didn’t have a lot of time in our hands this time around. We also had to reserve our seat on the bus to access the trailhead due to COVID. Due to the limited number of people allowed in this popular national park to maintain safe distancing, we couldn’t get to the trailhead till mid-afternoon.
We basically were limited to spend half a day to explore the narrows, but nonetheless, we made the best of our hike and had a blast.

The bus dropped us off at the temple of Sinawava, a popular trailhead to access the north fork of the Virgin River. You have to walk two miles next to the river on a scenic paved path before you can get to the river.

Once you get to the river, you have to walk `in’ the upstream of the river along the narrow walls of the canyons. Once you walk about a mile in the river, the walls start to get taller and narrower reflecting an orange glow in the entire canyon. You quickly realize how difficult it is to wade the water and maintain balance at the same time. The river gets slimmer as you walk in more, there are springs of water gushing out of flat sandstone walls everywhere, and the more you go in, you get to see mini waterfalls created by these springs.

This hike is popular for a reason, it’s uniqueness attracts hikers and families here, it appeals to everyone from beginners to the extremely adventurous hikers, because you have the ability to decide how much or how little you want to hike in, it provides a thrill regardless of the amount of time you spend there.

I can go on and on to describe but my words don’t mean much, this truly is a hike you have to experience. It’s not an exaggeration if I call this the world’s best slot canyon hike!

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