Peek-a-boo and Spooky gulch slot canyons – Escalante

8/8/20: COVID RV road trip continues…

While driving 26 miles on the unpaved `Hole in the Rock’ road is not exactly a pleasant experience, the thrill of hiking in the narrow slots makes it up!

You have to hike down a few miles to the gulch area. Hiking in the desert has its own challenges, like the lack of shade and high heat but we made our way down regardless.

It was the Spooky Gulch we visited the last time we came to this area. What I remember about those that some parts of those were extremely tight but it was a lot of fun! This time we decided to get up the 20 feet wall to enter the peek-a-boo slots.

These slots were spectacular as we hiked in through the natural bridges. Some areas got tighter as we hiked up the canyons. The tall sandstone walls reflected an amazing bright orange glow as the sun rays made their way in the slots.

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