W Circuit: Grey Glacier

  • Total Distance: 62 miles (100 kms)
  • Starting Point: Las Torres Refugio (Torre Norte)
  • End Point: Grey Refuge
  • Highest Point: Mirador Britanico, 2510 ft
  • Accomodations: Campsites, Refugios (hostels)

<- Day 4

Happiness is when you see your hiking shoes dried up overnight! We looked outside and the weather was clearer today. We got excited about the final stretch of the hike, today we will get to see the Grey Glacier! 

We started hiking much later, around 10 today. The first part was a steady climb up the ridge, and then after another hour or so, we saw magnificent Grey Lake. The scenery of the lake was so beautiful with floating icebergs in it.

This is when the wind started picking up and it stayed that way for the remaining part of the day. 

After walking for another hour, we came around a lookout from where we could finally see the Glacier! This was a perfect spot for a lunch break. 

The trail had a steep descent right after that. After an hour or so of going downhill, it became steady as we entered the woods. Some more walking and we saw our campsite. We had some spots at the refuge and the rest of us stayed at the tents. After dumping our stuff in our tents we decided to take a walk at the Glacier. 

The glacier was accessible via a short trail from the campsite. We were totally awestruck with the views of the glacier and the icefield! The grand finale of our our five-day journey into the Torres del Paine National Park was out of this world! This reminded me of massive Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentine Patagonia.

We got back to our campsite and there was still plenty of time left in a day. Reshma, Dharmesh, and Tj decided to hike to the suspension bridges to see the icefield while the rest of us decided to chill at the cafeteria. We celebrated our successful journey at night. Tomorrow we would take a boat to go near the glacier and then back to the town. 

Day 6,7 ->

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