Strait of Magellan: Magdalena Island

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We spent the next day traveling to Punta Arenas. It was a 4-hour bus ride to get to our destination. 

We got to Punta Arenas around 4 pm, we still had plenty of time left, so we took a walk in the town, grabbed some ice cream, beer, and celebratory dinner! 

The next day, we had an early morning boat ride through the Strait of Magellan to Isla Marta and Magdelena. 

We got to disembark at Magdalena Island where we were literally surrounded by thousands of Magellanic Penguins! This is the largest colony of Magellanic Penguins of South America, where there are 150,000 birds live! This was an amazing experience walking around the island and learning about the habits and behaviors of the cutest creature I have encountered! 

This was a great ending of our South American Journey! 

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