Gokyo, Day 5: Today we saw Everest!

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April 3rd, 2019

Namche (11,280 ft) to Mong (12,982 ft)

Today was going to be bitter-sweet, we all knew that. Somewhere mid-way, we (the Gokyo group) would have to split from the groups that were going to the Everest Base Camp (friends) and Island Peak (hubby and son).

We started walking around 8.30am, by climbing a steep hill, leaving Namche behind. We said goodbye to Khumbila (5761m), the holy mountain, Kangteka (6782m) and Thamserku (6608m) – for now. It was an easier walk (Nepalese flat) after we got up the ridge.

This portion is one of my favorite section of the trails in the region, especially because Everest (8848m) stays straight in front of you, while AmaDablam (6858m) and Thamserku (6608m) on your right- on a clear day, and we did get lucky today to view this spectacle!

After three hours of walking, we arrived at a trail junction, where we took a tea break at a teahouse by the river. This is where we signed souvenirs and hugged goodbyes to the family and friends.

Worried a bit for my son heading to his first mountain peak climbing expedition, with slight teary eyes, I looked into his eyes and said- don’t give up because you are tired but do give up if it means risking your life. I asked both my husband and son to promise me to take care of each other.

The group would be much smaller from now on- just the six of us, going to Gokyo Valley.

We had another two hours hike from this point, heading up to the steep hill towards the small town of Mong. We saw Danphe- the national bird of Nepal, on our way up. Clouds started rolling in later towards the end of our hike.

After another 30 minuties or so, a striking Tibetan stupa adorned the entrance of Mong, what a warm welcome! We were amazed by how small this town was, just made up with 4-5 teahouses, with beautiful mountain sceneries in the back.

We made it to the Snow Valley Lodge, just in time for lunch. Hosts of the lodge greeted us warmly and cooked us a fresh meal. We played cards in the afternoon while enjoying the views of the tall mountains.

It was just another great day in the Himalaya!

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