Gokyo, Day 3: Epic Bridges to Namche

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April 1st, 2019

Phakding (8700ft) to Nanche Bazaar(11280ft)

Third time in the same area, I am still discovering and learning new things, the white structure here is the `incense box’ where locals gather and burn juniper sticks which fills the surroundings with sweet woody fragrance.

The day hike to Namche is one of the longest and toughest ones. The trail is steep and the elevation gain is quite a bit. The fun part is that you get to criss cross over many suspension bridges, including the most iconic one, called Hilary Bridge, which hangs high above the old bridge.

As much fun it was for me to cross these, it was nerve wraking for some of my friends; they struggled as the bridges swayed side to side, but it was all about overcoming personal fears and pushing the limits, everyone gladly accepted the challenge and rocked their way.

It took us a good seven hours to get to Namche Bazaar. We took many breaks, including the one for lunch at the riverside and the one at the Sagarmatha National Park check point. There is a view point along the way where on a clear day, you get to see the first glipse of Mount Everest, we weren’t lucky enough to catch the views this time due to the low clouds.

Porters are on a break!
Those two horizontal lines are high(Hillary) and low (old) suspension bridges
Whether it is on a ground or high up on the bridge, yaks and other animals always get right of way
Hillary Suspension Bridge
Pausing for a moment and admiring the views!
And the Dudhkoshi river below…
Challange accepted, for the whole family, including the kids!!
Allow me to introduce you to Namche, my favorite village in the Himalaya!
Unexpected details adds to the whole experience – sometimes act as simple as drinking the water, in this case
Wish all the towns have these charming entrances
Made it to Namche!
When they say, a picture is worth the thousand words…

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