Sunrise in Hot Air Balloon, Napa

Living in the Bay Area, we frequent Napa just as much as getting rugged up on Hiking trails. We are always looking for adding a twist to our Napa trips. So a girlfriend didn’t need a lot of convincing when she wished to celebrate her birthday in Hot Air Balloons in Napa.

Fun began at Domaine Chandon where we gathered for coffee and pastries. After getting brief introduction and safety instructions, we were headed to balloon launching site.

We watched colorful balloons getting fired up and ready for us. Massive basket of our balloon could hold 22 of us. As we rose up in the air in our balloon, along with the sunrise, panoramic views just became breathtaking! We spent little over an our cruising above the hills and iconic Napa wineries. Views of Napa from above added completely new perspectives as compare to our previous visits.

After safe landing, we headed back to Domaine Chandon, for delicious brunch and a glass of bubbly. Actually, many glasses of delicious bubbles! This indeed was the best way to start our day off in the Napa Valley.

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