Eastern Fjords

East Iceland and the Fjords of the east:

It was late in the morning when fog and clouds started clearing out, we could see stunning views of the waters of the Fjords and mountain range right behind our cottage. We took our time exploring the area, there were so many waterfalls of all sizes that we lost a count for. We hiked in, around and above many many beautiful waterfalls. We finally started driving back out of the Fjords and headed south.

We stopped for a hike to Hengifoss waterfall in the afternoon. This was the first time we saw formation of volcanic columns. Waterfall is also surrounded by basaltic layers mixed with thin layers of red clay creating beautiful backdrop.

Driving through the meadows of purple flowers, our next stop was black sand beach before getting to the town of Hofn, our next night’s stay.

Photo description clockwise: Hengifoss, waterfalls of the East fjords, east shore with lava cliffs and black sand, our cottages- Solbrekka Guesthouses in Mjóifjörður located on Eastern Fjords, Icelandic Nootka Lupin Flower Fields, friendly Icelandic horses, icefield around the fjords, waterfalls of the East fjords, water at the East fjords.


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