Encircling Derwent Water, The Lakes, England

A gentle evening stroll at the Launch Pier of the Derwent Water and its magnificent scenery inspired us to take a walk to encircle entire lake. Next morning we started our 10 miles walk on partly rugged terrain from the town of Keswick. This walk not only had some astonishing views, but we found many fine-looking surprises along the way!

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On our way, we encountered a beautiful piece of sculpture called Millennium Stone also known as Centenary Stone. Later I learned that this large boulder of volcanic rock was split and carved by Peter Randall-Page to celebrate the National Trust’s centenary in 1995.The stone was part sub-merged in the lake when we saw it.

Our decision of walking clockwise was a great idea, because even though it was cloudy day, sunshine on the mountains on opposite side made them look their best!

A couple of miles ahead, looking into our map, we came across ‘Chinese Bridge’ – the shallow arch – over the River Derwent. This was a very picturesque place to relax at!

Next we stumbled upon Lodore Falls – almost 100 feet cascade of water came from Watendlath Beck. Serene grounds of the hotel in front of the Lodore falls was just a perfect place to take a tea-break while overlooking fantastic backdrop of the lake.

While walking along the lake, we also ran into an interesting oak sculpture named `Entrust’ another piece of art, celebrating centenary of the National Trust’s purchase of the land.

We finished our day in the late afternoon, as we walked back in the town. All in all, I would highly recommend this walk to anyone in who visits the area and looking to spend a creative day at the lake.

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