Morgan Territory Regional Preserve- East Bay’s Treasure

About a month ago, I learned about Morgan Territory from my son’s Boy Scout troop’s 10 mile hike activity. Based on his description of this 10 miler hike, I immediately added Morgan Territory to my `bucket list for near future’.  I finally found some time two weeks ago; my sister-in-law and I headed to the Morgan Territory Regional Preserve. Starting from Livermore, scenic drive to reach there was quite an adventure, especially when curved Morgan Territory road turned into a narrow single lane.

It was a mid-day and the sun was up, so we picked a coyote trail to hike on, which was mostly shady.

Coyote trail splits on the left, from the main Volvon trail, which starts from the parking lot staging area. Soon after, Coyote trail descends and follows beautiful Marsh Creek. I have seen Marsh Creek’s photos on the web with water and small waterfalls. Unfortunately, creek did not have any water when we were there, mainly due to lack of rain in the area this year. We hiked for about 2.5 miles and returned little after Coyote trail left the creek and got out on exposed part of the hills.

Here are some photos I took with my iPhone camera. We did a short hike on that day, but I knew that I would be going back to explore more trails.

If you go there, the park will stay in your memory for a long time for its remoteness, variety of natural elements, elevation, and creek, east bay’s signature rolling hills and wildflowers. Spring is the best time to visit the park, due to amazing display of carpets of yellow johnnytuck and baby blue-purple wildflowers along with bursts of California poppies.

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