What Your Smile Says about Your Gender and Personality

You may not realize it, but people “read” a smile as an indication of more than proper orthodontia or good dental care. A smile is also an indication of personality. Does your smile tell the truth about who you are or want to be?

 Lateral Incisors as an Indication of Gender Traits

Did you know that your smile can be designed to give your face a more feminine or more masculine appearance? It’s true: Your lateral incisors, the teeth on either side of your center teeth, have some distinct characteristics that give you a gender-specific “look.”

  • Smaller lateral Incisors make your smile look more feminine, while larger lateral incisors (more similar in size to the front two teeth) make your smile look more masculine.
  • Lateral incisors that are tilted slightly toward the middle and tucked in slightly behind the middle teeth look more feminine, while straighter lateral incisors look more masculine.
  • Lateral incisors that have rounded edges and are shorter than the middle teeth look more feminine, while lateral incisors that are the same length as the middle teeth look more masculine.
  • Lateral incisors that are more triangular in shape (narrower at the gumline) look more feminine, while side teeth that are squarer in shape look more masculine.

Canines as an Indication of Disposition and Personality Traits

Since the time of the caveman, canine teeth have been the mark of the carnivore. In contemporary times, people “read” the shape and position of the canine, or “fang tooth,” as an indication of either an aggressive or an agreeable disposition, or a more dominant or passive personality.

  • Canine teeth that are prominent, longer, and larger than the surrounding teeth suggest an aggressive personality, while canines that are more similar in length and size to the surrounding teeth suggest a more agreeable or benign personality.
  • Canine teeth that have pointed tips give the impression of a personality that is more dominant, while canine teeth that are smaller, rounder, and less pointed give the impression of a personality that is more passive.

A smile that has been designed to take these factors into consideration can help you to express the traits you find desirable. When you meet someone for the first time, and smile, your smile makes an important first impression, one that people will use to “read” your personality. Sometimes Nature has been unfair, and your smile gives people a negative impression of who you really are or want to be. A “smile designer” can work with you to ensure that you will leave the positive impression you want to leave.

Don’t let your smile give people the wrong idea about your personality.

5 thoughts on “What Your Smile Says about Your Gender and Personality

  1. I have always received compliments on my smile when meeting people through out my life. Even people that never meet each other have given me the same nickname, smiley. I’ve noticed during these few years as I’ve gotten older, I have a grinding of my teeth problem. And now recently I’ve noticed that my sharp canine teeth on top have been shortened a little. My question is, is there any way possible to get my canine teeth back to where they once we’re in length?

    1. There is a possibility to restore your canine back to it’s original shape, but it requires careful analysis of your bite, TMJ and extent/presence of your grinding habit prior to doing that. I encourage you consult your dentist to explore your options.

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