My life changing career decision

The decision of joining UCLA last summer turned out to be one of the best career decisions I made after my dental school at NYU. I joined dental school at UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles) for comprehensive training in advanced Aesthetic Dentistry. I was fortunate to be trained by the world class educators and found great mentors who got me motivated to join the AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry).

I am now pursuing AACD’s credentialing process for Cosmetic Dentistry designated as “Accreditation”.

As techniques and materials have improved, the Accreditation examination has continued to set a standard for excellence in cosmetic dentistry. Accreditation represents the acknowledgment of a dentist’s excellence in cosmetic dentistry.

Accreditation and the examination process are administered by the American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry and consist of written, clinical and oral examinations. Clinical examination consists of successful completion of required number of cosmetic cases of different case types over the period of five years.
Achieving accredited status from the AACD requires dedication to continuing education, careful adherence to the protocols, and a resolve to produce exceptional dentistry.

This is the beginning of my journey but I am thoroughly enjoying the ride striving for excellence in my work to benefit my patients. It is a hard work and rigorous examination process but I am sure I will achieve the accreditation status soon!

Please visit AACD’s website to learn about the academy.

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